We will be celebrating NJ Walk and Bike to School Month in April again this year and everyone is getting involved. Join students, parents, school and municipal staff, and community members from all over New Jersey who will be walking and biking to school this month!

Walking and bicycling to school not only increase physical activity and encourage healthy lifestyles among children, but they also improve the environment through decreased traffic volumes and better air quality. Most importantly, students who are physically active like walking, bicycling, skateboarding to school arrive ready to learn and perform better in class. The benefits of walking and bicycling to school are clear!

Celebrate NJ Walk and Bike to School Month by leaving the car at home and walking or bicycling with your children to school. It’s a great reason to go outside to get some exercise with your kids!

We would love to hear from you on how your community is celebrating NJ Walk and Bike to School Month this April 2016. Register your community’s events here, so we can promote them and feature them in our monthly newsletter! This April is also a wonderful time to recognize the crossing guards that keep us safe. Learn more about how you can celebrate these local champions here!