New Jersey Bike School

Bikeology was published by SHAPE America (formerly the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance [AHHPERD]) in 2014, with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Developed in consultation with physical education, bicycle education, and injury prevention experts, the curriculum was pilot-tested with nine teachers and over 300 students to evaluate its effectiveness.

NJSRTS has condensed Bikeology to focus on lessons most appropriate for young children. The revised curriculum here omits the more advanced lessons from Bikeology, as well as in-class worksheets and other activities that do not involve physical activity. The complete, unedited curriculum may be found by visiting and searching for “Bikeology.”

The curriculum provides physical education teachers and recreation specialists with the knowledge and resources to implement an on-bicycle safety education program for youth in grades 6-12.  It contains the necessary preparations and minimum-level benchmarks to meet when teaching safe bicycle riding and is suitable for enhancing skill at the recreational bicycling level. Click here to view the NJ Bike School curriculum.

Lesson Plans & Curricula

New Jersey Bike School on-bike Lesson Plans
Teaching Children to Walk and Bike Safely Lesson Plans
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Lesson Plans
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