Mapping Your Neighborhood

Before completing bicycling and walking assessments, you will need to obtain two maps for your SRTS team: A School Neighborhood Map and a School Site Map.

The School Neighborhood Map includes:

  • The location of the school
  • The School District
  • The surrounding road and path network (the location and names of the roads within 1/2-mile radius of the school)
  • The location of most student residents and how many students are walking/biking from those directions

The School Site Map includes:

  • School entrances
  • Sidewalks and bike paths on campus
  • Intersections with crossing guards
  • Drop off/pick up zones for parents and school buses
  • Adjoining roads with configurations (e.g. four lanes with a median)

You can use Google maps to create simple maps for your school travel plan. Check out our video on how to use google maps for a Safe Routes to School grant project and use it to map your school and neighborhood.

School Travel Plan Toolkit

Mapping Your Neighborhood
Conducting Walk and Bike Assessments
Walk and Bike Barriers and Opportunities
Goals and Actions
Existing School Travel Plans