Sustainable Jersey Actions

The NJ Safe Routes to School Recognition Program, Sustainable Jersey, and Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification programs all reward actions that help make communities more walkable and bikeable. It’s a great partnership!

Municipalities and Schools that meet the requirements for the NJ Safe Routes Recognition Program can also earn points toward Sustainable Jersey and Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification. Included below are tutorials that provide guidance on how to implement actions under the Sustainable Jersey program that make communities walkable and bikeable.

NJ SRTS Recognition Program Sustainable Jersey for Schools
Two SRTS events and one active transportation best practice toward Bronze recognition 10 points toward Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety and Promotion Initiatives action
School Travel Plan toward Gold recognition 10 points for school toward School Travel Plan for Walking and Biking action
Show ongoing support from School Green Team toward Gold recognition Establishing a School Green Team is required for registering for SJ for Schools
Show ongoing support from School Wellness Council from Gold recognition 10 points for School Wellness Council action
NJ SRTS Recognition Program Sustainable Jersey
Silver level NJ SRTS Recognition Program 10 points for municipality toward Safe Routes to School
Adopt Complete Streets Policy toward Gold level recognition 10 points for municipality toward the Adopt Complete Streets action