The Milton Avenue School, a primary school in Chatham, N.J., gathered as a flash mob and performed the Ped Safety Dance in front of school one morning during the district’s Walk and Bike to School Week celebration in April 2012.

The pedestrian safety-themed dance was modeled after a routine demonstrated on the International Walk to School Day website and taught to the students by parent and professional dancer, Kelly Loofbourrow.

The school PTO’s Environmental Committee organized the dance, with the support of families and the administration, as part of a week of festivities aimed at bringing awareness to the importance of walking and biking to school.  Check out a video of the Milton Avenue School Ped Safety Dance below:

Two students at Chatham Middle School with a passion for filmmaking combined their talents to encourage their fellow students to walk and bike to school.   Luke Malanga and Drew Moore worked together to film and edit a video to help spread the word about their school’s Walk to School Week celebration.

According to Luke, “videos have become the modern way to convey messages and connect to other people. Today, the ‘Youtube generation’ is making it even easier to spread the word about events like this.” Be sure to check out the excellent results of Luke and Drew’s hard work below.

Special thanks to TransOptions for assisting Chatham with their SRTS efforts and for sharing these great videos with us.