Two research reports are newly available on our website. Staff in the Safe Routes to School Resource Center regularly produce reports on the safety and behavior of children commuting to school and conditions of the built environment that they may walk or bike through.


Gender Differences in Youth Bicycling

Read this report to learn why men in the US take twice as many bicycle trips as women, and how this difference begins to occur in childhood. Building from a survey of biking preferences given to children in Bayonne and Jersey City, the report finds that these differences become present around age 10. For example, in the survey results, girls were less inclined than boys to ride on the street and more inclined to ride on sidewalks. This difference continues into adulthood, as research has shown women are less willing than men to ride on the street with traffic and prefer to use dedicated bike infrastructure. Follow this link to read the full report.


School Crossings on State Highways

Highway crossingsSome New Jersey schoolchildren must cross busy state highways in order to walk or bike to school. In a state that has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates in the US, school administrators and policy makers should understand the risks that these young pedestrians face when commuting to school. This is the subject of another newly available report, School Crossings on State Highways, which analyzes statewide data on traffic incidents that involve young pedestrians. It also provides detailed profiles of six of the most dangerous intersections and extensive recommendations for improving conditions. Read the full report here.