snow in sidewalk Netcong 2005There have already been several snow storms this winter in New Jersey.  You may have had to wake up earlier to clean off your car, and your drive to work quite possibly had several delays due to other motorists driving cautiously and slowly, slippery roads, motor vehicle crashes and more.  If your drive to work or school was strenuous, consider how difficult it would be for children and adults who walk or bike to school and work.  People with disabilities have an even more challenging and taxing commute to get to and from where they need to go, particularly if they are using active transportation like walking, bicycling or scootering.

snow curb cutsPlease remember to shovel sidewalks wide enough for people with disabilities who use assisted devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters to pass through safely and comfortably.  Most important, please remember to clear curb cuts or ramps from the side walk to the street so that pedestrians can safely and easily pass and cross at an intersection from the sidewalk to the street.

Check out this Youtube post from WalkBoston which shows the challenges that Amy who uses a wheelchair faced days after a snow storm.