To ensure the continuation of the TMA program, a decision regarding how
underserved, or “disadvantaged communities” were identified for the Safe Routes
program was needed before Strategic Highway Safety Plan equity decisions were
due. Recognizing this immediate need, for the Current TMA Safe Routes work
programs, the decision was made to move on from the traditional “disadvantaged
communities” and to instead focus on Equity Emphasis Areas defined by the 2021
NJ Department of Community Affairs Targeted Urban Municipalities List and the NJ
Department of Environmental Protection Overburdened Communities list.

To better visualize the Equity Emphasis Areas, the NJ Safe Routes Resource Center
has created a new Equity Emphasis Area Map in an easy-to-use web-based tool that
requires no GIS skills to utilize. The tool contains municipal and county boundaries,
TMA Service Area Boundaries, Targeted Urban Municipalities, municipalities with
Overburdened Communities, block groups with Overburdened Communities, and
School location data for all public, private, and charter schools within the state.

Read full report: Equity Emphasis Areas for the NJ SRTS Program

New Jersey Safe Routes to School Program Equity Emphasis Mapping Tool