Halloween 2022: Street Safety

Here’s a list of five fun Halloween weekend activities that help keep you and your family safe:

  1. Deliver small treat bags to loved ones. Ghosting or being Boo’ed is a fun way to ding-dong ditch by dropping off sweet treats or small gifts. Print this ghost and leave with your present to encourage others to play along. (Source: BOO!-A How To Guide for Ghosting Friends at Halloween)
  2. Play outdoor games that help keep players 6 feet apart like Bean Bag Toss, Coffin Corn Hole, Boo Bowling, Black Cat Bingo, pumpkin treasure hunts, trivia, and more. 
  3. Make some crafts and decorate indoors and out. Take part in the Kindness Rocks Project and paint some fall-themed river rocks, add some encouraging words, and scatter around your neighborhood for others. 
  4. Host a virtual party and video costume contest. Post winning pictures on social media with the best fall facemasks or use in a costume. 
  5. Go for a family bike ride or walk. Visit local neighborhoods to see fall decorations and collect outdoor treasures like leaves, acorns, and pictures. Getting exercise outside is known to boost mental and physical health and reduce stress.

Take extra precautions if out at night:

  • Use a flashlight and attach reflective materials to clothing and items you carry to make yourself more visible.
  • When walking, watch for cars at every driveway and intersection. Don’t ever assume a driver sees you or your child. With fewer cars on the roads, drivers are often speeding up. 
  • Drivers: slow down, obey speed limits, avoid distractions like talking on your phone, and take extra time to look for children at intersections, on medians, and on curbs. When it’s dusk or dark, you need more time to see people walking or bicycling along the road and crossing the street.
  • Discourage new, inexperienced drivers from driving on Halloween. Stay sober.
  • As always, if you are not feeling well, stay home! 

To view New Jersey Department of Health Halloween Health and Safety Tips, please click here

For more Halloween Safety Tips, visit www.nhtsa.gov/halloween-safety-tips

For more information on Pedestrian Safety Month, please click here


Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!