The Safe Routes to School National Partnership released its nationwide report card, which rates each state in their support of walking, biking, and active lifestyles for children and adults. Each state is given a rating from 0 – 200 based on the following four categories;

  1. Complete Streets and Active Transportation
  2. Safe Routes to School and Active Transportation Funding
  3. Active Neighborhoods and Schools
  4. State Physical Activity Planning and Support

The final scores for each state were then divided into four distinctions;

  1. Lacing Up: 0 – 50 points
  2. Warming Up: 51 – 100 points
  3. Making Strides: 101 – 150 points
  4. Building Speed: 151 – 200 points

New Jersey scored a 140/200 in 2018 or Making Strides distinction, which included Complete Streets and Active transportation as the highest scoring of the four categories. New Jersey’s efforts to adopt complete street policies and addressing their implementation is a key reason for the high score. New Jersey also scored well in regards to Safe Routes to School. Way to go, New Jersey!!  More points could be earned for the next report card by adopting NACTO guidelines for active transportation design, retaining Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding without transfers and obligating state-controlled TAP funds, which would push New Jersey into the Building Speed category, joining California and Washington.

For more information on the report cards and to read how New Jersey stacks up against other states, the full report can be found here.