On November 21, 2011, the National Center for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) announced that Tatem Elementary of Haddonfield, New Jersey was a 2012 SRTS Mini-Grant Award recipient. Out of 200 applicants, Tatem Elementary was 1 of 26 chosen to receive the grant due to their outstanding achievements in establishing a sustainable Safe Routes to School Program.

In an effort to encourage walking and reduce traffic congestion and idling around Tatem Elementary, Mini-Grant funding was used to create door-hangs which identify satellite drop off and pick up areas, as well as show statistics which offer the health benefits of walking and reasons to turn off your engine. School Champion Heather Vaughn, along with members from the Haddonfield Green Team, Local Police, and Haddonfield High School’s Environmental Club came together to disseminate the door-hangs and educate parents about the importance of not idling their vehicles around the school and the benefits of using satellite kiss and ride locations.

The Anti-Idling Blitz took place on October 2nd, just in time for International Walk to School Day 2012 which was held on the 3rd of this month. The event was a success; over 300 door-hangs were given out to parents and guardians!


Currently, Tatem Elementary has a year round Walking School Bus Program, participates in both International Walk and Bike to School Days, and provides pedestrian and bicycle education courses to all of its students. Safe Routes to School has quickly become a staple in the community and it will remain that way for quite some time through the dedication and coordination of the SRTS Team, led by Heather Vaughn.

For more information on Safe Routes to School programs in South Jersey, contact David Calderetti of Cross County Connection, at Calderetti@driveless.com.  To find your SRTS Regional Coordinator, click here.

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L to R: Valdur Kaselaan Haddonfield Green Team; David Calderetti, SRTS Coordinator; Heather Vaughn, SRTS Champion; and Julie Beddington, Co-Chair of the Haddonfield Green Team