The New Jersey Department of Transportation has just announced the Fiscal Year 2012 NJDOT federal-aid Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program.

The objective of the SRTS Program is to enable all children to walk and bicycle to school and to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. The program will facilitate projects that help improve safety and reduce traffic, fuel consumption, and air pollution in the vicinity of New Jersey’s primary and middle schools (Grades K-8).

Please view the full announcement here:

Below are some important points about the grant application process:

  • Projects must be located within two miles of any school that serves students in grades K-8.
  • Funding for the FY 2012 SRTS Program will be available for the construction of infrastructure projects only.
  • Urban Aid Communities and municipalities containing Schools Development Authority Districts may apply for design as well as construction funds through this program. All municipalities are eligible to apply for construction funds.
  • Funds from the SRTS Program are provided on a reimbursement basis only. Before applying, applicants should assess their capability to comply with state and federal requirements. For more information, please see Local Aid’s SRTS Grant Application Handbook on the NJDOT website located at
  • Applications must be completed and submitted by December 30, 2011. Applications must be submitted using the Department’s on-line electronic grants administration system, SAGE. For more information on SAGE, please see the Local Aid web site at
  • Nonprofits that are interested in applying for SRTS funding under this grant should call Michael Cushman at 609-530-3640 in NJDOT Division of Local Aid to alert him of your request.

We encourage you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to promote health and safety for New Jersey’s school children.