December of 2014 marked the conclusion of the third calendar year of the enhanced non-infrastructure program housed at the NJSRTS RC. Throughout these three years, the program has continued to develop and expand. Working with the NJSRTS RC, the SRTS Regional Coordinators have significantly increased outreach levels across the state and continue to make strides in project implementation as reflected in this update report.

The project update reports as of June and December 2014 include:

  1. A summary of assistance provided by NJSRTS RC to support regional coordinators from the state’s TMAs,
  2. An overview of October Walk and Bike to School Month activities,
  3. New Jersey SRTS on the local and national stage,
  4. An update on research and programs performed by VTC and relevant to NJSRTS,
  5. A synopsis of performance measures tracked by the NJSRTS RC, and
  6. Outreach Progress Reports which include compiled data from each of the TMAs’ Record of Contact reports showing their outreach and programming efforts in schools, school districts, municipalities, and counties.  These outreach reports reflect progress to date.

To read the full June report:  Final NJ SRTS Update Report June 2014

To read the full December report: NJ SRTS Update Report December 2014