Montclair Temp Bike LanesWant to explore the benefits of bike lanes in your town?

Is your town or school district exploring implementation of bike lanes? Bike lanes are an excellent addition to the streetscape, encouraging active streets, safer biking conditions, and healthier lifestyles among kids and adults. There are a variety of options available to fit your town’s budget and existing infrastructure, as well as opportunities to secure grant funding. Due to their benefits, popularity, and variety of installation options, bike lanes are becoming increasingly common, so why not consider installing them in your town?


Use temporary lanes to simulate permanent bike lanes

Montclair Temp Bike Lanes 2A great way to explore installation is by constructing temporary bike lanes. Temporary bike lanes simulate where permanent lanes can be integrated with the roadway. They also increase drivers’ awareness of bicyclists and encourage more residents to get out on their bikes. These lanes can be created at a very low cost while generating valuable information and considerable community awareness.


Check out Montclair’s success story!

Montclair constructed temporary bike lanes to celebrate National Walk and Bike to School Day. Watch our video documenting how various community organizations, the police department, and parents partnered together to make these bike lanes happen. Interviewees described the benefits of the lanes for kids, parents, and the larger community.

National Bike and Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 4th. Celebrate in your town by constructing a temporary lane! Contact your local TMA to learn more.