Celebrate International Walk and Bike to School Month in October!

October 7th is this year’s International Walk and Bike to School Day! Communities are welcome to celebrate any day and/or multiple days throughout the month that work with your schedule and follow local public health guidance and social distancing recommendations.

Walk and bike to school events not only emphasize the importance of issues such as increasing physical activity and encouraging healthy lifestyles among children, but also address bicycle and pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, and concern for preserving the environment. In addition, students who are physically active on the way to school arrive ready to learn and perform better in class. Walk and bike to school efforts also build connections between families, schools, and the community.

Go outside to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! Celebrate Walk and Bike to School Month by leaving the car at home and walking or bicycling with your children to school, to a park, or anywhere for some exercise!

Click here to see if your school is registered for Walk and Bike to School Month. If your school or community is not registered or involved in Walk and Bike to School events, please contact a Safe Routes to School Regional Coordinator in your area to find out how to get started! Information on how to plan walk and bike events is also available on our website.

Celebrating Walk and Bike to School Month During COVID-19

This year’s walk and bike to school month will involve some creativity due to the coronavirus pandemic and the ways in which it has affected our everyday lives. Although many students are not traveling to and from school daily, if at all this fall, teaching children how to walk and bike safely is an ongoing activity. When walking with children, practice traffic safety skills like walking on a sidewalk if one is available, stopping at intersections, looking left, right, front and behind, and listening for traffic.

Traditional walk and bike to school events may need to be modified due to COVID-19. A walking school bus, for example, should include fewer children, require the use of masks, and keep participants spaced 6 feet apart in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved. More information on starting a COVID-safe walking school bus can be found on the Humboldt County Safe Routes website. In addition, walkbiketoschool.org has produced a list of 20 Ideas for Walk to School Day 2020, which includes innovative activities for families, neighborhoods, and schools.

Although walk and bike to school events may need to be altered due to COVID-19, the pandemic also presents an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of safe walking and bicycling in our communities. The benefits of walking and bicycling are now more evident than ever!

Walk and Bike to School Resources

In addition to our NJ Safe Routes website, walkbiketoschool.org has a ton of great information to assist with planning Walk and Bike to School Day. Here are a few links to some of their great resources: