Encouraging Safe Walking and Bicycling to and From School Throughout New Jersey: 2016 and 2017 Summary of Technical Assistance supported by the New Jersey Safe Routes to School Program

2017 marked the sixth year of the enhanced non-infrastructure program managed through the NJSRTS RC, and the program continues to develop and expand. Working with the NJSRTS RC, the SRTS Regional Coordinators have significantly increased outreach levels across the state since launch of the program in 2011, and they continue to make strides in project and program implementation as reflected in this update report.  Outreach Progress Reports and maps were prepared both at the statewide level as well as for each TMA based upon information reported in the monthly Record of Contact through December 2016 and 2017. The reports detail how many and which communities the TMAs have contacted regarding SRTS programs as well as disadvantaged communities reached.  Outreach reports have been generated for:

  • Cross County Connection
  • EZ Ride
  • goHunterdon
  • Greater Mercer TMA
  • Hudson TMA
  • Keep Middlesex Moving
  • Ridewise
  • TransOptions

To read the full report: NJ SRTS Update Report 2016-2017