If you live or work in Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester or Salem Counties, Cross County Connection TMA is your Transportation Management Association (TMA). Cross County Connection’s mission is to improve the quality of life in southern New Jersey through transportation solutions. To do this, Cross County Connection works with counties, municipalities, employers, schools and commuters in its seven-county region to offer numerous services that promote and facilitate the use of commute alternatives, including car/vanpooling, public transit, bicycling and walking.

Cross County Connection supports walking and bicycling in southern New Jersey by offering technical assistance and implementing activities customized to the needs of each school or community they work with. While Cross County Connection offers a variety of fun and informative programs, one of the most popular is their bicycle rodeo coupled with the free helmet giveaway. Cross County Connection has two very exciting bicycle rodeos scheduled. In anticipation of the season, Cross County Connection will hold a bicycle rodeo in Collingswood as a part of a culminating Complete Streets event. This partnership demonstrates the importance of collaboration and of the Safe Routes to School program. It is vital for children to be educated on being safe pedestrians and bicyclists to ensure they can benefit from a Complete Street policy implementation. Cross County Connection’s second bicycle rodeo will be in celebration of Bike/Roll to School Day in Hammonton. This event is special because it comes after many years of hard work from Cross County Connection’s SRTS staff and the Hammonton Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition. Understanding how impactful the SRTS program can be on keeping children safe, these advocates continued to attend local meetings sharing the benefits of having a substantial SRTS program. With much patience and perseverance, Hammonton will hold its First Annual Bicycle Rodeo on May 22.

Cross County Connection TMA continues to work hard to adapt their programming to remain engaging to children while addressing the individual needs of each community and school. An example of this effort can be seen in their new “Safe Routes to School Program Guide.” This guide is a manual designed to support the development of new Safe Routes to School programs, while providing an opportunity for more autonomy to institutionalized communities and schools.

To learn more about the these or the many other programs offered by Cross County Connection TMA, be sure to visit their website http://www.driveless.com/

If you don’t live or work in the seven southern counties of New Jersey don’t worry, there is a TMA in your area ready and willing to help you make your community safer for walking and bicycling.  To find your TMA, visit https://www.saferoutesnj.org/find-your-srts-regional-coordinator/