If you live or work in either Mercer or Ocean County, Greater Mercer TMA is your Transportation Management Association (TMA). Greater Mercer TMA (gmtma.org) delivers programs and services that promote and provide transportation choices designed to reduce congestion, improve mobility, increase safety and further sustainability. GMTMA partners with schools and communities throughout Mercer and Ocean Counties to implement a variety of safe walking and bicycling programs including Walk/Bike to School Day events, Bike and Pedestrian Safety Presentations, Bicycle Rodeos/Skills Clinics, Walking School Bus, Frequent Walker Programs, and a variety of other classroom, summer camp, and community activities designed to teach walking and bicycling safety.

In anticipation of Bike Month, Greater Mercer TMA has recently begun filming a series of bicycle safety videos that will be published on TikTok over the course of May. The videos will be about 30 seconds long and will feature quick clips of a rider performing various tasks with a narrator describing the process. The topics will include a range of topics, from fitting your bike and helmet, to tips on signaling and changing gears, as well as tips for younger kids, such as sharing the sidewalks with pedestrians, and crossing safely at a crosswalk. The videos are meant to be for users of all ages and abilities, so some videos will also cover tips for commuting and promoting GMTMA’s bike locker program.

Additionally, GMTMA’s SRTS Coordinator recently became a League Cycling Instructor via the League of American Bicyclists, and their second SRTS bike and pedestrian safety instructor will be attempting to become an LCI at the end of the month. This is a move that will help them deliver not only better bicycle safety lessons to students in the classroom, but it can also help for any potential skill demonstrations at bike rodeos, or potentially expand the types of events the schools would like to host.

Finally, GMTMA is finalizing SRTS presentations at various schools in Princeton, two schools in Ocean County, and another in Hamilton, and participating in at least two bike rodeos. GMTMA will be tabling at Pennington Day on May 21st. This is a large, well-attended community event with many vendors and provided entertainment. It is a great chance for local community groups and organizations to inform residents about their work.

To learn more about the New Jersey Walking School Bus app and the many other programs offered by Greater Mercer TMA, be sure to visit their website https://gmtma.org

If you don’t live or work in Mercer or Ocean Counties don’t worry, there is a TMA in your area ready and willing to help you make your community safer for walking and bicycling.  To find your TMA, visit https://www.saferoutesnj.org/find-your-srts-regional-coordinator/