goHunterdon, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safe and sustainable transportation, is the Transportation Management Association (TMA) serving Hunterdon County.  goHunterdon is one of eight (8) TMAs in New Jersey that are funded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School Program.

Through their well-established K-8 pedestrian and bicycle education program, goHunterdon delivers interactive and engaging lessons to encourage safe walking and bicycling and to increase the number of students walking and bicycling in Hunterdon County.  For the 2020-2021 school year, goHunterdon has revamped their pedestrian and bicycle education program to allow for a variety of learning settings. Programing has been made available via live video conferencing, pre-recorded video lessons, outdoor socially distanced classes, “Lessons in a Box” for teacher use, as well as adaptations of goHunterdon’s lessons for “at home learning.”

goHunterdon recently kicked off a “Step for the Sneaker” campaign.  During April, students throughout Hunterdon County were encouraged to walk to school or walk in their neighborhoods and track their walking minutes each day through an online portal.  Students were encouraged to submit a picture from their walk to show goHunterdon what’s happening in their neighborhood or school and how much fun they are having on their walk.  At the end of April, the school that logs the most walking minutes will be presented with Golden Sneaker Award! New for this year, the classroom that tracks the most walking minutes from each grade level in the county will be awarded their own miniature sneaker trophy. All participating students will receive a “Step For The Sneaker” sling bag.

This month, goHunterdon is inviting students to participate in the “Pump Up Your Ride” Challenge.  Students will participate by recording the number of times they ride their bike and uploading photos, drawings, or descriptions of their ride. The school that records the most bicycle rides will win a permanent bicycle pump for installation on school grounds! In addition, everyone who participates will receive spoke reflectors for their bikes.

To find the TMA in your area of New Jersey, visit https://www.saferoutesnj.org/find-your-srts-regional-coordinator/