How well do you know your Transportation Management Association (TMA)?  TMAs are non-profit, public/private partnerships that have been established to work with businesses, commuters, elected officials, schools, community groups and other partners to implement programs that reduce congestion, increase safety, and improve air quality. There are eight TMAs in New Jersey, Cross County Connection, Greater Mercer, Hudson, goHunterdon, Keep Middlesex Moving, EZ Ride, RideWise and TransOptions.  Between them, the service areas of these eight TMAs cover the entire State.  No matter where you live or work in New Jersey, a TMA has you covered!

TMAs offer a wide range of programs to their partners, including youth focused programming to help make walking and bicycling safer. Through funding from the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Safe Routes Regional Coordinators at each TMA offer free advice and assistance in getting Safe Routes programs off the ground in schools and communities throughout New Jersey. Safe Routes Regional Coordinators offer free assistance with:

  • Walk and bike events
  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety education
  • School travel plans
  • Travel mode tallies to understand how students are getting to school
  • Other innovative programs and projects to support safer walking and bicycling.

Throughout the month of May, we are highlighting TMA programs and activities from across New Jersey to help you get to know your TMA and how they can help you to make walking and bicycling safer in your community. If you haven’t already worked with your TMA, why wait? Find your TMA today and contact them directly by clicking here: