If you live or work in Hudson County, Hudson TMA is your Transportation Management Association (TMA).

The Hudson TMA offers resources and tools to encourage families to walk and bike more often, and to do so safely. These efforts help to lower carbon emissions, reduce traffic and improve our health and the environment.

Staff at the Hudson TMA partner with schools, organizations and municipalities on a variety of fun and educational walking and bicycling programs and presentations. Throughout the year, Hudson TMA presents walk and bike to school days, bicycle rodeos, poster contests, “Safety Jeopardy,” in school on-bicycle education, and the very popular “Golden Sneaker” walking contest.

Building upon the success of their existing programming, Hudson TMA has released a new educational children’s book called “Walking and Rolling to School with Buster the Bus.”  Students throughout Hudson County are already very familiar with Buster the bus, Hudson TMA’s walking school bus mascot. He can often be spotted at Hudson TMA events and joins in on walk to school days with students, parents, and school staff.

In the new book, students follow-along as Buster walks children to school, presenting safety tips and information to help readers better understand why walking to school is important and how to stay safe along the way. Copies of the new book, which will be going to print shortly, will be delivered to school libraries and community centers throughout Hudson County. Subsequent printings will allow Hudson TMA to spread Buster’s safety message further through distribution directly to Hudson County students.

To learn more about all of the programming coordinated by Hudson TMA, be sure to visit their websitehttps://hudsontma.org/

If you don’t live or work in Hudson County don’t worry, there is a TMA in your area ready and willing to help you make your community safer for walking and bicycling.  To find your TMA, visit https://www.saferoutesnj.org/find-your-srts-regional-coordinator/