The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is now accepting applications for State Aid grants to counties and municipalities for traditional and nontraditional transportation initiatives. Applications are due February 3, 2017. Grants are available for the following programs:

Municipal Aid

This program has assisted many municipalities in funding local transportation projects, and all municipalities in New Jersey are eligible to apply. NJDOT specifically encourages applications for pedestrian safety improvements, bikeways, and st
reetscapes, hoping to award 10% of all Municipal Aid funds for these projects specifically. More Info on Municipal Aid

Transit Village

This program will award grants for transportation projects that enhance walking, biking, and/or transit ridership within ½ mile of the transit facility. Municipalities must already be designated as Transit Villages by the Commissioner of Transportation and the inter-agency Transit Village Task Force in order to apply. Not sure if your municipality is a transit village? See the list of eligible towns. More Info on Transit Villages grants


This program is intended to fund bicycle projects that create new bike path mileage, working towards NJDOT’s goal of 1,000 miles of dedicated bikeways in New Jersey. All counties and municipalities are encouraged to apply in order to enhance bicycling in their communities. Special consideration will be given to bikeways physically separated from vehicle traffic, but on-road bike lanes or other bike routes are also eligible for funding. More Info on Bikeways

Safe Streets to Transit

This program is designed to encourage counties and municipalities to construct safe and accessible pedestrian linkages to transit facilities, in order to promote increased usage of transit by all segments of the population. More info on Safe Streets to Transit

Interested in applying? Please keep the following in mind:

• All projects must be ADA compliant
• Construction must occur within 24 months from the date of grant notification
• You may apply and receive funding for more than one program or for more than one project, but a separate application is required for each project.
• You are encouraged to reach out to your Local Aid District Office for application assistance.

The NJDOT website offers more details about each program as well as guidance on ADA compliance.

Ready to apply? Applications must be submitted online through NJDOT’s online grants management system, SAGE, by February 3, 2017. Apply here.