The New Jersey Department of Transportation is pleased to present the 2016 Update of the New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

The master plan presents a vision, goals, and strategies to achieve a transportation system in which walking and bicycling are routine, convenient, and secure throughout the state.  With a ten year horizon, the master plan takes a “big picture” perspective and is intended to be a living document that will require ongoing coordination among NJDOT, other state agencies, MPOs, counties, municipalities, nonprofits, consultants, developers, advocates, and the general public.nj-bike-ped-master-plan-2016

NJDOT has been a leader in encouraging walking and bicycling through project delivery, research, county and municipal funding and planning assistance, design guidance, and policy development. In spearheading this master plan, NJDOT will act as a transformational leader, providing direction and guidance, yet depending upon partner entities to achieve the vision and goals. Collaboration and coordination are instrumental to success. Strengthening existing relationships and forging new relationships with partners across the state will be an important part of successful implementation. NJDOT will lead from the front, with a collaborative effort among NJDOT, other state agencies, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), counties, municipalities, nonprofits/NGOs, consultants, developers, advocates, and the general public.

Key Actions for the NJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for years 1-3 include the following goals:

Goal #1: Improve Safety
Goal #2: Enhance Accessiblilty, Mobility and Connectivity
Goal #3: Achieve Healthy, Equitable Sustainable Communities
Goal #4: Foster a Culture Shift
Goal #5: Facilitate Coordination and Integration

By working together, we can make New Jersey better for walking and bicycling.

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