The NJ SRTS Resource Center conducted phone interviews with recipients awarded SRTS grant funds from 2007 to 2015 and queried about grantee experiences, progress, challenges, and plans for the future. These interviews yielded: 1) an analysis of the grant implementation process, and 2) case studies detailing grants awarded to four NJ municipalities—Montclair Township was one of the four municipalities.

Montclair received five grants through the NJ SRTS program. In 2007, Montclair received approval for two grants focused on the Rand Elementary School, totaling $323,550. The first grant supported infrastructure improvements while the second
provided for non-infrastructure programming.  In 2009, Montclair received three more grants for $334,000, in total. The grants funded an infrastructure upgrade of school routes and two non-infrastructure programs to support travel safety enforcement conduct and an SRTS encouragement program. The 2009 grants addressed the needs of all seven elementary and three middle schools.

To read the full report: Montclair Township SRTS Grant Recipient Case Study