Bicycling is a fun and healthy form of transportation and physical activity, bringing many benefits to both the cyclist and to his or her community. It is also the first independent mode of travel for many children, aside from walking. Early, hands-on education of bicycle riding skills and behaviors is critical to developing good habits and the confidence necessary to facilitate a lifetime of safe and enjoyable riding.

NJAPHERD is an organization dedicated to advancing quality health education, physical education, recreation, dance education, and athletics through professional development, programming, advocacy, and collegial exchange.  The Association promotes the development of healthy active lifestyles for New Jersey’s students, educators and community members.

This course from NJAPHERD will provide physical education teachers and recreation specialists the knowledge and resources to implement an on-the-bicycle safety education program. Participants will be guided through the New Jersey Bike School curriculum based on Bikeology by SHAPE America. Though Bikeology is oriented towards middle- and high-school students, instructors from the NJ Safe Routes to School Resource Center condensed Bikeology to focus on lessons most appropriate for younger children. Instructors will showcase lessons critical for elementary and middle school children to learn. Participants will receive hands-on training that will cover basic bicycle handling skills, guidance on setting up age-appropriate bicycle activities, resources for equipment, and grading rubrics.

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