It’s time to begin nominating schools and municipalities throughout New Jersey for their Safe Routes to School Programs (SRTS). The first step towards recognition is to complete the online nomination form and identify a SRTS Champion to build and lead your team. As in previous years, nominees will be eligible for bronze, silver and gold level achievements based on their number of successful events, programs and level of ongoing support for SRTS, among other successes. The complete list of requirements for schools can be found here. The complete list of requirements for municipalities can be found here.

Interested in nominating your school or municipality for the NJ Safe Routes to School Recognition Program? Your local Safe Routes to School Regional Coordinator can assist you with a nomination and completing the online application, however municipalities and schools can nominate themselves as well. Recipients of Gold, Silver and Bronze levels will be presented with a certificate and will be listed and promoted on the NJ SRTS website and possibly other local media facilitated by SRTS Regional Coordinators. The deadline for nominations is January 31, 2017.

Keep in mind that the same types of programming and showing of support for SRTS that can earn a school or municipality a NJ Safe Routes to School Recognition Award can also earn points toward Sustainable Jersey for municipalities and Sustainable Jersey for Schools for districts and schools!  Click here and scroll down for information on earning points that qualify for the NJ SRTS Recognition Program, Sustainable Jersey AND Sustainable Jersey for Schools. To apply for Sustainable Jersey and Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification programs, visit and

Even if you are not nominating a school or municipality for recognition, please consider becoming a friend of the New Jersey Safe Routes to School Program by completing the Friends of the Program enrollment form and agreeing to support, promote, and encourage SRTS programs.

The following summary list of resources will be helpful to you as you begin the nominating process. Good luck to all nominated schools and municipalities!