Are you ready to roll? Bicycling is great exercise, an efficient way to get around, and a lot of fun! Before you start riding, you need to make sure that you understand how to ride safely and that your bike helmet fits properly. Check out some of the resource below that can help:



  • Bicycle Safer Journey, developed by US DOT FHWA, has 3 age-targeted videos to serve as an introduction to bicycle safety skills.
  • Now that you have learned some bike sills, learn to do the ABC Quick Check to make sure your bicycle is ready with this video from the Active Transportation Alliance.
  • Before you ride, make sure your helmet fits you properly with this video from our friends at Keep Middlesex Moving TMA.
  • Our friend’s at TransOptions have put together some great activities and resources on bicycling and walking safety on their Schools and Education webpage.
  • Our friends at goHunterdon have put together a variety of bicycle and walking safety lessons and activities on their Distance Learning Resources Page.


Take a look at some of these great videos, lessons, and activities and make sure you are ready to roll!