Check out the updated cost estimates for infrastructure improvements!

The NJ Safe Routes to School Resource Center provides technical assistance to communities seeking to improve the safety of kids who walk and bike to school. One helpful resource available is an implementation cost estimate guide that lists cost estimates for infrastructure improvements, like bike lanes and curb ramps, and non-infrastructure improvements, like pedestrian safety campaigns and increased police presence. These cost estimates enable officials to prepare the budget that is required to receive SRTS funding for projects outlined in a School Travel Plan.

Updated estimates show some costs have decreased

In September 2017 the SRTS Resource Center received updated cost estimates for infrastructure improvements and found that the cost of many treatments has decreased since 2013, the last release of a cost estimate guide. In particular, the cost of  bike lanes, crosswalks, and other pavement markings has decreased significantly alongside the cost of regular and thermoplastic paint. Improvements for bicyclists, like bike-friendly storm drains and storage shelters, and accessibility treatments, like curb ramps and detectable warning surfaces, have also seen decreases in price.

Check out what’s cheaper!

Below is a table highlighting the improvements that have decreased in cost, some significantly. For additional cost information on these and dozens more treatments, visit the complete cost estimate guide.

Type of Treatment

Typical size

2013 Estimated Installed Cost (Materials + Labor)

2017 Estimated Installed Cost (Materials + Labor)

Pavement Markings
“School XING”, “ONLY” or 2 arrows – Paint 20 Square Feet (SF) $100 $32
“School XING”, “ONLY” or 2 arrows – Thermoplastic 20 SF $200 $65
Continental style – Paint 225 SF (200 SF in 2013) $1,000 $360
Continental style – Thermoplastic 225 SF (200 SF in 2013) $2,000


Imprinted 400 SF $15,000 $9,900
Curb Extensions
Simple – no drainage modification required 6′ wide, 20’ long $7,500-$15,000 $6,000
Complex – assume drainage modifications required 6′ wide, 20’ long $35,000-$75,000 $20,000
Shared Use Paths
Asphalt 10’ wide $380/foot $95/foot
Crushed stone 10’ wide $225/foot $60/foot
Sidewalks and Accessibility
Detectable Warning Surface (assumes curb ramp already in place) 2’ by 4’ each $400 $250
Curb ramp New curb and concrete (5′ deep, 15′ wide) $7,500 $1,500
Bollards on sidewalk (typical grouping of 4 bollards) 4′ high, steel or concrete $4,500 – $6,000 $3,000
Designing for Bicyclists
“Bicycle-safe” stormwater drainage grates 2’ x 4’ (2’ x 3’ in 2013) $450 $360
Bike Route (signing per mile) 20 signs per mile $3,000 $2,400
Bike Symbol (Words or arrows, assume thermoplastic) 20 SF $200 $60
Bike lane striping (4” white thermoplastic striping) 1 mile $16,500-$33,000 $8,500
Colored bike lane (Green thermoplastic) 4′ wide by 50′ long (200 SF) $4,500 $600
Traffic Calming – Streetscaping
Street trees each $6,000 $900