Students at Bound Brook’s Smalley School in Somerset County ditch the car and take the Walking School Bus instead! Students and staff meet in the morning at a designated spot and walk to school along a pre-determined route. More students meet up with the group along the way, forming a Walking School Bus!

Why participate?

Bound Brook began holding this event in order to promote the benefits of walking to school. This small town does not have a bus program, so many parents drive their kids to school, leading to car congestion during school drop-off and pick-up times. The Walking School Bus offers an alternative to taking the car. It also creates the opportunity for kids to be more active, strengthen friendships, and become more familiar with their community.

Bound Brook 1Here’s how!

Start a Walking School Bus in your town! Since October is Walk to School Month, now is a perfect time to get started. Check out Safe Routes to School’s Walking School Bus guide, and visit for all the resources and information you need to plan an event. You can register for free alongside the 2,143 schools currently signed up to participate. Or, you can use these resources to plan your Walking School Bus for anytime of the school year!