goHunterdon, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safe and sustainable transportation, is the Transportation Management Association (TMA) serving Hunterdon County.  goHunterdon is one of eight (8) TMAs in New Jersey that are funded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School Program.

Through their well-established K-8 pedestrian and bicycle education program, goHunterdon delivers interactive and engaging lessons to encourage safe walking and bicycling and to increase the number of students walking and bicycling in Hunterdon County.

Last month goHunterdon celebrated Hunterdon County Walk & Bike to School Week!

The annual event, which is now in its 9th year, serves as the official launch of the spring walking season and the reactivation of several walking school buses across the county. Hunterdon County schools will again take part in the friendly “Golden Sneaker Award” competition to determine which school has the largest percentage of students walking to school. goHunterdon has had tremendous success in schools conducting student travel tallies when it is part of the competition and bragging rights are on the line.


NEW Digital Travel Tally

goHunterdon has developed a digital “Student Travel Tally” to increase participation from schools & communities. The digital format was requested by several Hunterdon Schools as a more efficient alternative than the original paper copy. Once submitted goHunterdon will be able to generate charts and graphs detailing the percentage of walkers around the county.

Hunterdon County Schools will be required to fill out the travel tally in order to be eligible for the Golden Sneaker Trophy. The travel tally information will then be used for any Hunterdon School/Municipality applying for a Safe Routes to School Grant.

Bicycle Rodeos/ Community Ride Component

goHunterdon is working with four Hunterdon County schools, (Frenchtown Elementary School, High Bridge School Elementary School, High Bridge Middle School, and Lambertville Public School) that all have students who bicycle to school (or after school) on a towpath or trail. goHunterdon is designing enhanced bicycle rodeos for these schools to include information on trail/towpath etiquette in addition to all of the regular safety drills, followed by a community ride on a trail/path for students in grades 4-8.

To find the TMA in your area of New Jersey, visit https://www.saferoutesnj.org/find-your-srts-regional-coordinator/