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Research Reports

School Zone Safety Strategies

Schools and districts across New Jersey have implemented ways to reduce the number of motor vehicles in school zones, slow driving speeds, and minimize potential conflicts and crashes. These school [...]

Gaining a Sense of Belonging

The Benefits of Safe Routes Programs for Community Cohesion Often cited as one of the benefits of the Safe Routes programs, community cohesion arises when social bonds link members [...]

Health, Safety, and School Benefits

Safe Routes to School Program Implementation and Student Outcomes The primary focus of the Safe Routes program is to encourage students to use active transportation such as walking, bicycling [...]

Crossing Guard Training Programs Across States

This paper explores state crossing guard programs to identify best practice or new developments in training content and delivery, and resources that might be beneficial additions to the New [...]

Distracted Driving in School Zones

School zones can be challenging for child pedestrians and bicyclists. Although distracted driving poses a particular risk, there have been few studies on the impacts of distracted driving in school zones where children [...]